Healthiest Reasons List

Senior Care Plus: For the Healthiest Reasons.

Top Reasons

Senior Care Plus
1. For you and your health.
2. We reinvest profits to increase member benefits.
3. Our locally-based plans serve more than 17,000 Nevadans.
4. We offer benefits Medicare doesn’t cover – for $0 monthly premium.
5. We offer locally-based, world-class service.
6. Our offices have friendly staff ready to help you – in person!
7. We proudly offer Spanish-speaking enrollment and customer service specialists.
8. Our ABCs of Medicare seminars provide free, expert information to those aging-in to Medicare.
9. Your positive healthcare experience is our top priority.
10. Senior Care Plus is a URAC accredited Medicare Advantage Plan.
11. Our advisory board includes 15 Senior Care Plus members who help shape policies and plan benefits.
12. We have a 4-Star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Northern & Southern Nevada Reasons

Senior Care Plus
Northern Nevada Reasons
13. The Renown Preferred Plan gives you priority access to Renown providers and services.
14. We offer exclusive Senior Care Plus Clinics to better serve our members.
15. We offer the most comprehensive Medicare Advantage provider network in northern Nevada.
16. We offer plans with $2,000 of comprehensive dental.
17. We provide personal assistants to help Renown-based plan members.
Southern Nevada Reasons
13. We give you access to P3 Health Partners primary care.
14. In Clark County, we give you access to CareMore Health clinics and specialized senior programs.
15. In Clark County with CareMore Health, we offer a Special Needs Plan (SNP) for chronic conditions.
16. Our plans include $2,000 of comprehensive dental.
17. We provide transportation to and from medical visits.

Technology Reasons

Senior Care Plus
18. Our user-friendly website makes it easy to research benefits.
19. Our My Benefits Coverage website makes managing claims and benefits easy.
20. Our myHometown Health mobile app provides 24/7 access to account information.
21. We offer 24/7 access to Teladoc’s board-certified doctors by phone or video across the US.
22. Our Healthy Tracks wellness website offers online health assessments and education.
23. Our online Provider Directory makes finding in-network providers easy.
24. Our online formulary search makes finding your covered medications quick and easy.

Benefits-Related Reasons

Senior Care Plus
25. Through DispatchHealth, we offer in-home urgent care and medical services.
26.  Our gym benefit helps members stay fit and healthy.
27. Our over-the-counter benefit covers hundreds of essentials like aspirin and adhesive bandages.
28. Our plans offer vision exams and eyewear coverage.
29. We provide coverage for hearing exams and hearing aids.
30. All of our plans offer dental coverage.
31. Our pharmacy benefits through MedImpact provide easy access to prescriptions and savings.
32. Our mail order options save members money on prescriptions.
33. Our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program ensures medications are right for you.
34. All of our plans include an annual wellness visit with no copay.
35. We cover chiropractic services.
36. We cover 80% of the cost of equipment like wheelchairs and oxygen tanks.
37. Our acupuncture benefit can help with lower back pain.
38. We sponsor community immunization drives to help everyone stay healthy.
39. Our plans offer worldwide emergency room coverage.

Product-Specific Reasons

Senior Care Plus
40. Our Patriot Plan offers veterans extensive benefits, including dental, and more services than the VA.
41. Our Select Plan covers insulins at $35 per fill – all year long!
42. Our Essential Plan is the HMO that acts like a PPO. No referrals required to see a specialist.
43. Our plans help seniors save up to $2,100 a year and get more benefits than Medigap plans with prescription drug coverage.
44. Our Patriot Plan provides you with $50 per month to cover your Part B premium.
45. For $0 a month, we offer coverage for medical, dental, prescriptions, eyeglasses, hearing aids and even gym memberships!

More Northern Nevada Reasons

Senior Care Plus
46. Our plans give you access to Renown’s state-of-the-art intensive cardiac rehabilitation program.
47. Our members enjoy VIP access to Renown Health’s Sterling Silver Club activities.
48. Our plans give you access to primary care and specialty care as soon as you need it.
49. MyChart technology gives Renown-based members tools to manage their health care.
50. Our Nurse Advice Line answers your care questions.
51. As part of Renown Health, we are committed to “making a genuine difference in the health and well-being of the communities we serve.”

2021 Senior Care Plus Plans

View our 2021 plan options available in Carson City, Clark, Nye and Washoe County.

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