Member Information

Application programming interfaces allow health systems to exchange and use information. They allow for the transfer and consolidation of patient information including prescriptions, medical history, and treatment records. These applications help patients quickly and easily access their medical records allowing them to better care for themselves because they can access their health records without needing to see a doctor or other medical professional to access them.

There are three API’s which will be available to Hometown Health members:

  • The Patient Access API, the Network Provider API, and the Payer to Payer API. The Patient Access API allows members to access up to five years of their health history information through consumer applications such as third party mobile applications.
  • The provider directory API enables members to access their providers’ data when they need to ensure consistency of treatment and care coordination.
  • Finally, the Payer to Payer API will allow members to request up to five years of their past health history be transferred from an old provider to a new provider.

To enroll, please contact the Engagement Center at 775-982-3112. 

To find more information on our Privacy Practices, click here.


Developer Information

The Change Health Care / Hometown Health Interoperability API Developer Portal provides third-party app developers with access to documentation, registration services, Developer Sandbox services and other developer services related to application programming interfaces (APIs) provided by Hometown Health, pursuant to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule (CMS-9115-F).

The Patient Access API will allow developers to retrieve, with the approval and at the direction of an applicable Hometown Health member or their personal representative, certain data, as applicable, concerning adjudicated claims, encounter data from capitated providers, formulary data, and certain clinical data, if it is maintained by Hometown Health.

The API conforms to the industry privacy standards CARIN for Blue Button and industry security standards, OWASP Top 10.