Five Questions to Ask Your Doctor

  1. Ask for advice about preventative health. All of us can take better care of ourselves and your doctor can provide you with preventative health tips that are tailored to your health status.
  2. Ask for a medications review. If you take multiple medications, it is important that your doctor is aware of all the medications you take, particularly when prescribing you a new medication. If you don’t take multiple medications and the doctor is prescribing you a drug for the first time, be sure to ask about dosage and possible side-effects.
  3. Ask your doctor for an exercise and nutrition program. Most people seek out doctors when they are sick because they want to get better. If you can remember to ask your doctor diet and exercise when you meet with him/her even when you are sick, odds are you can prevent the need for a follow up visit.
  4. Ask your doctor about lingering symptoms. If you have persistent headaches, muscle aches, or coughs that seem to linger more than a week, you need to inform your doctor. Sometimes symptoms that last longer than a week belie more serious health issues. Be sure to discuss these with your doctor.
  5. Ask your doctor for a flu shot. It is one of the easiest things you can do to protect your health, yet so many people neglect to take this important preventative step.