Patriot Plan

Northern Nevada senior veteran on the Patriot Plan by Senior Care Plus

Perfect Choice for Veterans

The Patriot Plan is the perfect choice for veterans or other individuals who want a local health care option alongside their VA benefits or their existing prescription drug coverage. The Patriot Plan does not have prescription drug coverage but does pay a $75 Medicare Part B rebate each month you are on the plan. 

 The Patriot Plan is available in Washoe County, Storey County and Carson City and members enjoy a low out-of-pocket max along with health care benefits and services beyond those provided by the VA – with less wait times. 

Supplement Benefit Providers

Liberty Dental

First-Dollar Dental Coverage


Hearing Aid and Hearing Exam Benefits


Vision Benefits including Eye Exams, Glasses, and Contact Lenses


Over-The-Counter Benefit

More Benefits from the Select Plan

The Select Plan also offers a variety of Durable Medical Equipment providers, a Gym Benefit, a Transportation Benefit, and Much, Much, More!